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We are a full service equine and livestock veterinary practice. From performance animals, pets or large commercial herds, we offer expertise and services to help. Our goal is to help make horse and livestock care as enjoyable and stress free. 



  • We know how important it is to keep your equine companions and competitors feeling their best. We provide general wellness care for every life stage. This includes exams, vaccinations, parasite control, and routine bloodwork. 

  • We are USDA accredited and can perform Coggins tests and write health certificates for travel.

Large Animal Veterinarian


  • Artificial Insemination
    On farm AI for cattle ​ Laparoscopic AI in small ruminants - available late 2022 ​ In house breeding management for equine, cattle and small ruminants. Drop off animals to us and we will synchronize, heat detect and breed all in our facility - available late 2022 ​ Frozen semen storage ​ Frozen and fresh semen analysis
  • Ultrasound
    Fast, accurate pregnancy diagnosis - probe introducer decreases animal stress ​ Fetal sexing via ultrasound to determine sex of offspring ​ Available for equine, cattle and small ruminants
  • In Vitro Fertilization
    Will be available late in the year of 2022 Full in house IVF laboratory for cattle with indoor oocyte collection. No need to ship embryos or oocytes to another lab. Fresh and frozen embryo production. We are AETA certified so we can produce embryos eligible for international export
  • Recipient Herd
    Herd will be available for implants in spring of 2023 Our herd of cattle can be used as recipients for your embryos ​ Options to receive pregnant recipients, young calves, or weaned calves ​ May use frozen embryos already owned, or we can make IVF and conventional embryos in our facilities with your donors
  • Embryo Transfer
    On farm embryo transfer for cattle ​ Equine embryo flushing - available late 2022 ​ Conventional embryo flushing and transfer for cattle - available late 2022 ​ Small ruminant surgical embryo flushing and transfer - available late 2022 ​ In house recipient management - drop off recipients to us and we will synchronize, heat detect, and transfer embryos all in our facility


  • We can help you with your cattle herd health plan including preventative care, vaccines, deworming protocols and husbandry management.

  • We offer pregnancy diagnosis, help with calving issues, and bull breeding soundness exams. More information on other reproductive services can be found here

  • We offer herd foot trimming services as well as lameness care for individual acute cases

  • We can also help with medical management and surgery for individual animals

Large Animal Veterinarian Cattle
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