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Large Animal Veterinarian Illinois
Animals and livestock are an asset to land and soil health when treated holistically. We offer services and a philosophy that complement these management techniques.

When livestock are managed in a way that regenerates soil and plant health, all will benefit. Our veterinary and livestock management consulting services complement this approach.

Large Animal Veterinarian Illinois StillGrass Vets
Large Animal Veterinarian Illinois

We take into account a multitude of factors when treating animals, as they are part of a larger system that includes and impacts the land they live on, their herd dynamics,

and their caretakers.


We strive to make genetic improvement tools accessible, allowing us to improve genetics built for our environment. We can maximize our genetic potential and achieve a phenotype

that truly thrives in our micro-environment

and management situation.

Large Animal Veterinarian Illinois StillGrass Bovine Genetics

We believe owning livestock, ranching and farming lend to a lifestyle that builds healthy families and strong communities. We are dedicated to promoting this way of life and ensuring that it is sustainable for generations to come.

Large Animal Veterinarian Illinois StillGrass
Large Animal Veterinarian Illinois StillGrass Vets


Dr. Rebecca Holmbeck loves helping people help their animals. She started her veterinary career as a veterinary technician in the US Army from 2003-2007 where she helped take care of military working dogs and service members’ pets. She then completed her undergraduate degree in Animal Science at University of Illinois in 2010. Dr. Holmbeck earned her DVM at U of I in 2014. 

During her clinical year at vet school, she completed an acupuncture training program at China Agricultural University in Beijing. She also has a certification in Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy (chiropractic) from the Integrative Veterinary Medical Institute near Ocala, Florida where she completed the VSMT course in 2016. Dr. Holmbeck has a passion for holistic healing and integrative medicine. Having these therapies available helps the veterinarians at StillGrass keep with our mission to restore health while minimizing conventional interventions that are often accompanied with harmful side effects.


Dr. Hoyt Rees has a passion for innovation and genetic improvement of livestock. Dr. Rees received his undergraduate degree in biology at Lake Forest College in 2010 and his DVM from University of Illinois in 2014. After graduating he practiced bovine medicine in Idaho and started a successful IVF (in-vitro fertilization)  and ET (embryo transfer) practice. There he honed his skills in advanced reproduction technologies and wants to bring his rare skill set back to his home state of Illinois to help rejuvenate and support animal agriculture in Illinois. Dr. Rees wants to give producers more options in raising healthy stock and making healthy food for our communities.

Large Animal Veterinarian Illinois StillGrass Vets
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